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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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what is wrong with you. people that was actually serious question will have a serious panels that i with negative neocon answer great gets into answer that question. here's a clue now if you were god of the jericho movement closer ties of the n.w. see me to van accountability for dwight harris you know this guy. we've got a letter with more irony than obama can handle or runs on it in a job making more sense than obama which i guess kind of piles on the irony how the communists is that we're trying to marginalize ron paul t.s.a. surrounding us i don't mean sold to the chinese and lucrative i ask you from ireland on fluoride only on adam vs the man.
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ok ok i don't mean to laugh at this poor woman but this story is this too funny check it out woman help elect obama campaigns hard make sure it's life is fine until she has a third child and her partner leaves or she writes a letter to obama praising but pleading she even includes this line of complete crap both i do think people are coming down too hard on you and your administration and your best cannot be fixed in only two years time i'm still behind you one hundred percent and so is my family destiny mathis hobart yet she gets a handwritten letter back from obama here it is in its entirety just sitting thanks
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for the moving letter and the support and you have such a positive spirit please know that things will get better for you and your family you inspire me and i'm rooting for you god bless barack obama then eight months later things get worse and she has to sell the letter to keep for me you know. here's the change in tune. i am just a little bit wary of the promises that obama has made i really haven't been seen any kind of changes that affect me directly and meanwhile in wisconsin the supreme court just a poll the law recently passed a limit use collective bargaining rights and predictably the tax leeches were back to protest with another occupation of the capital while i applaud their courage tenacity and tactics their cause is ass backwards not because of the collective bargaining issue but because they have government jobs and are asking the government to take more money from the people so they can keep their cushy jobs without having to compete with the rest of us in the free market protests in greece sadly also seem to miss the mark as much as i love scenes of riot cops firing tear
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gas at protesters getting greek yogurt hurled back at them and i don't want to speak for all of the protesters there they are protesting to demand the government not stop giving them stuff yeah i know tax hikes are included in the austerity measures but they don't seem to realize that the government isn't holding out on them it's less than broke they're really just asking for the government to take from others on their behalf meanwhile china is erupting in mass protests that no one here seems to be talking about egypt is still messed up and increasingly unemployed unhinged population here in the united states is wondering what it's going to be our turn to rise up for an american spring and our opportunity to overthrow our own corrupt regime this is only going to change however when we fundamentally change our relationship with government by acknowledging that it is nothing more than a monopoly on violence and i hope in mass protests come to america's they inevitably will we look
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a lot less like hordes of demanding tax leeches and more like seventeen seventy six . an act of political convenience patriot act advocate and speaker of the house tom boehner has swiftly and without warning actually remembered portions of the constitution on tuesday he wrote to obama in regards to his under cleared humanitarian war in libya quote the constitution requires the president to take care that the laws be faithfully executed and one of those laws is the war powers resolution which requires an approving action by congress or withdrawal within ninety days from the notification of military operation the war powers resolution passed in one nine hundred seventy three in response to outrage of the vietnam conflict permits presidents sixty days to withdraw forces after deployment allowing a maximum of ninety if the president can certify that a conflict is deemed unavoidable by military necessity but by that measure the president is already in violation of the law given that he explicitly cited
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a humanitarian motive for our intervention. i authorized the armed forces states limited military action in libya. forged international efforts to protect phillips action has now gone. straight from the halls s. i mean unavoidable military necessity now say what you will about nation building or humanitarian intervention but this war is not in unavoidable necessity for the security of our nation period article two section two of the cust to sion provides that quote the president shall be commander in chief of the army and navy of the united states and it is under this broad statement that all of our less than wars have been waged since then but winners write the laws of the law in the last person what obama has to do now that his ninety days are up and were gray areas hard to believe this is more than lip service to the constitution though since the house
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republican leadership earlier this month helped kill democrat that is considered as libya a bill that would have ordered obama's withdrawal on the same grounds of the war powers resolution despite significant support from within the g.o.p. in congress now baner said obama was technically still in the clear and that the house needed more time to assess the situation but politico reported that boehner was actually concerned that if this were to come to the floor now it would pass wiener is not a man willing to challenge the status quo and it appears the liberal nation building will continue even if obama is forced to get congressional approval somehow the kinetic military action will continue with or without a formal declaration of war remember this is the same john boehner who called the fourth amendment trashing patriot act a critical tool used by our intelligence military and law enforcement professionals while failing to acknowledge the extreme unconstitutional nature of the bill so
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much for your reverence for the constitution mr speaker in fact i have it on the some authority but the speaker is confused as to what actually is in the constitution. and there was a founding father tremble told these truths to be self-evident. created equal actually that was the declaration science figure all right so yesterday we had our debate wrap up and the general consensus seems to be that things went alright for ron paul in he was treated fairly but sadly c.n.n. appears to be afraid of using its own polls for its own post-game analysis when reporting post-debate instead use data from a national journal poll given to the insiders they've taken from five other major polls were supposed to be show dr paul at thirty one point zero seven percent at fox news eighty three percent at c.n. b. c eighty seven percent that we come for a texan fact they might be
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a little biased there with the audience ninety three point three one percent but even c.n.n.'s own poll seventy eight percent ok so let's be fair the only polls can be skewed like any other form of polling but here's the skewing that c.n.n. came up with there you go romney fifty one percent down to paul at zero how did they get away with this they didn't invent the numbers as they might as well have instead they reported on a national journal online poll that had all of fifty four poets and according to the baltimore sun it was reported that ron paul clearly won audience favor in new hampshire an analysis of audience reaction shows paul was applauded twice as much as any other candidate on stage throughout the two hour debate paul was applauded eleven times romney bachmann and former minnesota governor tim pawlenty were each applauded five times former house speaker newt gingrich and
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businessman herman cain were each applauded for time senator pennsylvania senator rick santorum was applauded the least amount of times three. again zero percent really c.n.n. well hey maybe this can justify c.n.n. shout out of ron paul for the next go around clearly sense to turn governors who leave their states of billion dollar surpluses harry johnson and mexico don't qualify as viable debate participants ron should be silenced too right yes america you see how this works fifty four votes to determine the front runners this is how they are selective in the narrative of the communist news network ably coming to the aid of their lovable freedom hating big government republican mitt romney this is why we are to see america probably need to host our own g.o.p. presidential debate but for now joining me to discuss those crazy ron paul people that seem to be making up a growing part of the republican base if they're at least applauding so much in the
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republican debates and it was night we have our own negative neo-con nancy jake deliberate so adam vs the man military analyst and political blogger craig dixon gentlemen thanks for being with us tonight so we know that the the ron paul crowd enthusiastic lot of energy very visible very contentious what's wrong with the wrong people well for starters we can start with this. series of a few days in a row. yeah i know this is the same props again but let me ask you jake. would you rather take the side of the chancellor see this is the problem. you can't take them seriously we're having too much fun you're right but you know we are taking over the republican party i don't know if you noticed it's not happening it's an utter lie if libertarians are the ones that control the republican party for the future of libertarianism in general is dead well we're not saying that all libertarians who were including ron paul supporters like members of veterans for our paul such as yourself would put you to have some some fair criticism of the those those of us
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hard core who share the philosophical grounding with the with mr felt the need to make this clear it's it's ok to be philosophically libertarian as long as you're willing to be politically smart so for instance it's better sometimes to compromise in some of your beliefs if you can slowly work your way towards what you eventually want the problem with one of my major problems with most of ron paul supporters is that there are so idiot logically convinced on whatever it is eleven truth or conspiracy theories cross important they come across a grid and supplies but they don't take the appropriate steps to get things done that need to be done and you cannot win an election unless you're willing to compromise it but but you know by the by the standards that most people use to marginalize ron paul supporters as truth. were only truth as much as you are well i would definitely call for
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a new investigation but i do not believe it was like an inside job at the cia and oh yes and then all of the romney supporters are going to go trix the truth there are no. more anything you should know they will be total carolina craig as a market in some messaging if you see so really what i think it is and i disagree they're not willing to compromise on my principles at all but essentially politics you know it's not about having the right message that means nothing very goldwater lost in a horrible lands. like it it's a matter of marketing in if we come across as fringy crazy people nobody's going to listen to us if we run into local g.o.p. and you know scream in the face of old ladies and call neo cons. they're not going to listen already say you're collectivizing ron paul supporters here anybody who wants a demonizing group can look at what their actions are spending. billions does happen but how about this run public himself is not a truth or he is not ron paul is not
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a truth ron paul is not a conspiracy theorizing ron paul takes the takes barracks takes data assessment and tries to really get the truth the supporters do the same thing they're called truth there is another series of oil on the earth this there's a choice available to you that you want to bring about a choice of issues is something else go ahead with this well it depends on if you're talking about afghanistan or if you're talking about drug legalization if you want to use to a right well you always. end up in here's the difference between say like rand and ron it's already a lot of it's rhetorical but rand will talk about afghanistan from a fiscal perspective or even talk about military strategy why it's not working there now ron is special you know it you know he had more of a tent in its infancy to say this is empire were doing this nation building for empire the whole is you call that i'm with you they're appealing to your base but you've actually come out and called marijuana legalization a friend friend issue it is for seventy two percent of the senate know it it's
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slandered that way to urge its use as a slander against people who are willing to stand up to the prison industrial complex i didn't pass in california you know i mean all that seventy two percent paul is a little birdie seventy two percent have tried marijuana you know they're going through michel right it is really not an issue for the only one people behind bars in this kind of let me let me make this point especially about robles was ok if it is they specifically set out to accomplish unrealistic goals and they don't know how to pick their battles for instance the jefferson memorial don't say. all right all right well we're on the same page they were working for the realistic goal of winning dr paul the nomination in two thousand and twelve are you sure we're going to do it this year there's a this is the this is it all sorts of we've got to change ourselves and get away from from dancing marijuana and legalizing heroin we've got to start approaching dog balls that of heroin was legalized i don't think everybody in america would be rushing out that's right heroin anyway is really watching out over versus them and we'll be right back and.
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what's the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through that sort of had made who can you trust no one who is you know deal with the global nation who would see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question morning. you know sometimes you see a story and see so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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welcome back to adam vs the man our own luke redoubts he is still on the road in europe and brings you this special segment. from ireland enjoy to get out skiing in dublin ireland and i have to say the irish are very well americanised they're the only country in the european union that actually florida at their water but of course there are some crazy. here's the thing that hates strong teeth and i actually got a chance to talk to one of the ringleaders of this hate group so what crazy conspiracy theory are you spewing serve when i spewing conspiracy theory what we're really talking about here is fluoride in the drinking water i really highly toxic chemical that they've been putting into the drinking waters of ireland and sixty percent of the american public are now getting this and there's a large number of studies that show that floor i causes cancer to the. you know yes
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it causes cancer causing osteoporosis and causes arthritis and causes it even has links to down syndrome it and it causes irritable bowel syndrome which a large number of the population have so this stuff causes a lot of damage and there's a large number of studies proving hourman there's absolutely nothing proving it safe and yet you're drinking it every day and you're drinking water without any questions at all being asked well in fact fluoride is more toxic than lead in only marginally less toxic arsenic unlike lead in arsenic it's a cumulative poison and by the way the toothpaste that you're using is filled with sodium fluoride and sodium chloride is used as rat poison. and fact there's a there's a poison warning on all american toothpaste tubes right now and it actually says that if you accidentally swallow more than a piece sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste you should contact a poison control center immediately and that's been on there for by federal law since one thousand nine hundred seven so in florida it's been used for years for at
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points and there's enough law right in a tube of toothpaste to kill a small child but it's good for you keep it i don't think so in fact what it does is it breaks down the enamel of the teeth and it causes a dental disfigurement called dental fluorosis which is white stains and brown right flex and brown staining that run horizontally across the piece so it actually does the dental damage and it causes cavities to come into the face of the tooth where they normally couldn't normally get cavities in the lateral sides of the teeth where you can't have a toothbrush there but now that you use fluoride it creates all these little white flecks which are thousands of little holes that have been dissolved through the enamel of your teeth because what they're putting in the water supply isn't fluoride it's actually hydrophone or solicit gas the toxic waste the fertilizer interest in phosphate fertilizer industry and it's contaminated with lead arsenic mercury cadmium chromium you're raney i'm strontium ninety eight this stuff is really contaminated with a lot of stuff and there are also happens to be fluoride in there but this isn't fluoride this is a chemical cocktail that's coming from the phosphate fertilizer industry so it
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creates. white flex and brown stains across your teeth if you use it. yes it does yes it does allow the government and dentist to me. well why would they tell you the truth and end up in lawsuits wouldn't because of what i'm telling you is true and this causes cancer that causes osteoporosis and it causes fifty percent of the people to get to our center because you know what's going to happen everybody's going to start suing and the next thing you know this government's going to get broke they can't afford this and the industry isn't going to be sitting by and paying this anger so you've got a problem here they're actually getting rid of these chemicals for the chemical industry is dumping is just wholesale dumping and you know you know what your politicians are like you know you know what your own government's like if you believe so you had a terrorist victory please tell us more about the senate against. what i would call a terrorist mccree but i did have a victory in northern ireland we got this taken out of the water supplies in northern ireland and we got the council's dog against this we had twenty five out of twenty six councils motivations this week up to four area health and social
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services councils and vote against it we had nips of the large civil servants you know vote against that now the people who are going to put it we had. the farmers unions vote against it we had the angling federation against it we had the vegetarian society against the queen student union against it in fact we even had shorts the large aerospace industry threatened to pull out of northern ireland if this went ahead so we had widespread opposition to this and we got it stopped in northern ireland i don't believe you well i can't help that but it's true we did get it stopped and we're going to we're going to get this out in the waters of the republic of ireland as well because it's been going on for forty five years down there against everybody's will even drugging people so to start. i hope no. i thank you lucrative now you're probably not going to wake up tomorrow and see commies falling from the sky and paratrooper get outs and worry. the comics are occupy every post of government but the chinese might be invading economically this
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project sixty is a little known initiative in idaho truly pray to the republican governor bush otter is a job creator that will enhance domestic business but on further analysis it appears to be an initiative that encourages and actively courts chinese investment in acquisition with china already rapidly by no real estate they have to trade their u.s. treasuries for something right well as the federal reserve devalues the increasingly useless dollar china is wisely taking steps to ensure they keep the economic upper hand basically i don't who is giving to china an easy way out of deteriorating deteriorating dollars off waiting massive tax breaks as they begin to divest out of the federal reserve scheme system and buy up a real economy because mainstream and word foreign direct investment is what it's called in project sixty but that's just a fancy political double speak for giving foreign businesses half a million to one million dollars in tax breaks so it will be easier to get
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a job from a chinese company than an american company thank you fred and thanks governor otter new jobs for everyone and now we can restore our economy by making shoes for the chinese all right joining me now are not of the bill of rights defense committee jericho movement and a kosher pious president of the d.c. branch of the and the lacy p. we met last night as we talked about on the show to discuss the white harris incident just as a reminder here is that clip. was . so thanks to and fellow community organizers there was a meeting held last night it's in kafir cafe here in the district of columbia not to tell us about how that meeting came together. came about is that the first
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friend of mine because of the project he who called me you know some plugged in with a lot of people in his community here so you know he was rude you know had him and you know we got to do something about this or who we said are some emails most in phone calls we had a tremendous sewing folks from the community last night who gave this issue all police brutality is nothing new in d.c. i mean anybody who's lived here can cannot practically feel it in the police presence but you know i've experienced it myself and this incident of all the incidence that we've seen here in d.c. really isn't all that egregious compared to some of the shootings or severe beatings why is this the one it's bringing people together it will work you said i mean you've heard people shot in the back you had seen agents. ronnie white in prince george's county was struck with. this you know it's on film which is always. a way to grab attention and it's also a man who's you know in
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a wheelchair paraplegic who you know clearly pose no threat to the officers so it's kind of hard to blame the victim in this case so you know with the use of. other things it's makes it a little more. attention grabbing instance because you were there as a representative of the n.w. c.p. or the president of the d.c. branch correct so i mean this is an obvious case of light on black violence and we know that the police powers that are given to the police state are a huge opportunity for racism to be manifest what is the n.w.c. please interest in this specific case why interest is because this is much larger than just great crime and. it's not just white police officers beating up on a black handicapped man we want to make sure that we make a statement throughout the police department that we do appreciate our police department and what they do to protect our safety however that is one of the most
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critical positions in terms of defending our safety and the trust that the public has in him so it's important that we as the end of the partner with the community organizations make a strong statement that this will not be tolerated so what happened to mr white harris we have to make an example of it today so we need to make a statement that we need to see to it that the police officers are fired and that they are prosecuted not simply to bring justice for what happened to mr harris but for any injustice that happens within the city and across the country that it will not be tolerated and i'm just a casual viewers for a second here for the situation in this case it is under investigation by the u.s. attorney's office there were originally three charges filed against the victim right here of the gentleman in the wheelchair resisting arrest assaulting a police officer and disorderly conduct now thanks to a lot of people that took up this cause immediately in wake of that video going on going viral there was a call
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a flood and we hope for more than you're on the show asking people to call the metro transit authority who were filing those charges against terrorist immediately the assaults and resisting charges were dropped for a while they hung on to the disorderly conduct that's now been drugged as well right for an open container apparently was drinking on the sidewalk. it's clearly not deserving of a body slammed no matter how bad the offense could have been from a man in a wheelchair we're really grateful to everybody that has helped out with that so far but i want to share what came out of the media last i least one of the things because we're now wanting to continue this this drive a phone flood to the authorities to see if we can get some accountability first through the system as this is being investigated by applying pressure and we decided that the first mechanism we're going to employ is have a facebook group so we can gather our forces and ask people to use it as a way to share information at least because we are at least waiting for the results of the u.s. attorney's investigation and there's some hope that. there will be
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a positive outcome for this if the system will work but you know we saw by comparison oscar grant shooting in oakland who was shot in the back and apart station there was a huge outcry and the result was that the officer did one year in jail this was playing a clip just from just as a reminder the oscar grant shooting was. thank god so i'm really honored to be a part of the seven have the opportunity thanks to the knowledge and the you and everybody who came to the meeting last night to support this cause and i mean in that these two officers involved in the white hairs incident be held accountable but this is a broader systemic problem why do you have to get away with stuff like this. in some two particular d.c. was that is you know i was raised as far as the city being somewhat of a you know territory and not having you know full control over itself as do other
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states where the issue they passed the book happened with for joining case i've heard of the arts a role in this case where they said it's in the u.s. attorney's office through an investigation and you know you wait around for six months just to be told that the there was no finding of grown doing and so forth so you know we really need to be you know there's a lot about keeping pressure on the u.s. attorney's office as well as trying the push of the washington metropolitan area transit authority to insist it was was their jobs and concern because as of right now you know as they pass in the book you know we don't have anything to us we're waiting on the u.s. attorney's office to finish their best to go through and i'd also like the time in that law enforcement does have a lot of pressure on that part of the systematic problem that we have is that law enforcement is challenged with dealing with some of the complexities of course of trying to keep the public safe however if the two fold that we as a community hold them accountable so they have. this that so they're held to
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a higher standard and it's important that we are able to speak out and make sure that we hold them accountable that they cannot abuse their power so it's not simply what they do and how they go about doing it but when they take their abuse of power to a level it actually violates the trust that we have in law enforcement so the issue on a larger more systematic level is that we as a community need to speak out and we need to hold them accountable so what we're looking to do in response to the white harris case is partnering with other community organizations using social media but he has a facebook page which we're working with you in linking our social media outlet via twitter facebook all of that to really mobilize people to take action flood phone calls with the u.s. attorney's office on this and it's also going to really appreciate you guys being here and being a part of the server so for all of our viewers if you can be a part of those of you want to make a phone call the police accountability we can put our foot on one coast.


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